Welcome to your new go-to workouts featuring stretch, sculpting, and HIIT. Get ready to unlock your most courageous and confident self yet!


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What is REVEL Dance Fitness?


Revel Dance Fitness workouts focus on three main elements:

Sculpting to build muscle plus, full-body toning and tightening.

Active Stretching to improve flexibility, and lengthen and strengthen your muscles.

Dance Cardio with HIIT-focused periods to increase stamina, burn calories, increase your mood and so much more! Who knew cardio could be fun through dance and upbeat music?

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REVEL Bundle: Series 1, 2, & 3

$75.00 $52.50


$105 value for $52.50

Get 3-month access to all REVEL Dance Fitness workouts & special-edition content.


  • 16 REVEL classes

  • 2 special-edition workouts featuring a replay of our fave Instagram LIVE workout with Women's Health Mag!

  • Block, band, & bodyweight options

price option <div class="editor-content"><p><span style="color: #535860">REVEL Series 3</span></p></div>

REVEL Series 3

$35.00 $24.50

Get 3-month access to the latest REVEL Dance Fitness 6-Workout Series.


  • 40-Min Revel Dance Workout

  • 30-Min Revel Dance Workout

  • 20-Min Revel Dance Conditioning Workout

  • 20-Min Revel Sculpt Workout

  • Revel BOOST Series:

    → 15-Minute Lower Body BOOST

    → 15-Minute Ab BOOST

  • Block, band, & bodyweight options

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

We recommend starting with our signature REVEL Dance format (usually 30 or 40 minutes). REVEL Dance incorporates three main elements: sculpting, stretching, and cardio. This is our full-body HIIT workout, perfect for a newbie!

Our other formats, such as Sculpt, Cardio Dance, Dance Conditioning, & BOOST classes, follow our main elements and are more targeted at specific workout goals. These are great classes to add to your fitness regime or take to smash out a quick workout. You can find these classes and more here. 

I'm not a dancer. Is REVEL Dance Fitness for me?

Yes! REVEL Dance Fitness provides a workout that is easy to follow - dancer or not. You won't need dance training to feel like a REVEL pro!

What is included in my one-time fee?

Your one-time fee provides you with 3-month access to your selected REVEL series. Our REVEL workouts are meant to be buildable - meaning you can workout with us again and again!

Why should I REVEL?

REVEL benefits your entire body without you having to think, plan, or coordinate a full-body workout - We've done that for you!

REVEL uses the science of stretching, elements of HIIT training, and muscle-building movements in every single workout. We're bringing the joy back to fitness and promise this is a workout you will truly love!

Meet Emily!

After years of working to build a fitness routine, Emily saw a need for more confidence-building workouts. Emily, before co-creating REVEL, spent her time teaching and choreographing dance after her personal competitive dance career. She realized the most captivating and effective workouts she loved were based in dance. She wanted to create something that inspired results while bringing the joy of movement to everyone! Born and raised in Oceanside, California, Emily spends her days with co-creator Skyla, finding more ways to REVEL in everyday life!

Meet Skyla!

Before REVEL, Skyla was a lifelong lover of all things feel-good fitness. After competitively dancing and training in dance for over 15 years, Skyla blended her love of dance with an education in fitness training. She believes living a healthy life doesn't need to be hard, and fitness doesn't need to be something you dread. Skyla found a need for more feel-good fitness that encourages enjoyable workouts that are effective, too! You'll find Skyla in sunny Carlsbad, California, where she and Emily work, live, laugh, and REVEL!