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Unlock access to the on-demand workout library with weekly livestreams plus nutrition program, Simply Plated. by Jazzercise.

What you'll get: 

  • Hundreds of on-demand workouts with weekly new releases

  • Weekly livestreams

  • Guided workout programs to meet your goals head on

  • Subscription to Simply Plated, a simple, effective nutrition program with monthly new content, easy-to-follow recipes + more!

More about Simply Plated. by Jazzercise:

Simply Plated. by Jazzercise is a simple, effective nutrition program designed to support a healthy body and mind for life.

What you'll get:

  • Personalized protein recommendations based on your needs

  • Guidance on building the perfect plate for energy, performance and longevity

  • Comprehensive starter guide (including an introductory meal plan!)

  • New recipes added to the library each month

  •  Tips, education and LIVE nutrition sessions with Jazzercise FitPros (RD, registered dietician and holistic nutritionist) 

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$34.99 USD $1.00